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Clinician Videos


Dr. Phinney, a physician-scientist who has devoted the last 25 years to studying the effects of a low carbohydrate ketogenic diet.  Founder of Virta, note that he owns his conflicts of interest (2.56)

Explains the reversal of T2 diabetes with a ketogenic diet in terms of addressing ‘carbohydrate intolerance’; a helpful concept.  He explains that human beings do not have a physiological need for carbohydrates from their diet at all (1.54 on the video).

Dr. Georgia Eade, a psychiatrist, explains the links she sees between the standard American diet and the current epidemic of mental health disorders.  She provides a layperson with an understanding of the crucial role of healthy fats for our brain health.

Interview of Dale Bredesen, NY Times bestseller The End of Alzheimer’s.  He explains his research of 25 years in Alzheimer’s disease and how he has developed the reCODE protocol which includes mild ketogenic diet (27.30) to reverse cognitive decline.  He recommends that each of us examine our cognitive abilities mid-life and adjust our lifestyle to preserve our cognitive abilities. He explains that Alzheimer’s disease is now understood to have several different sub-types which are understood to have different causes: inflammation, glucose toxicity, and toxin/pathogens are the major drivers.