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Articles from Clinicians


Long term benefits of a ketogenic diet by Joy Kiddie, RD

The Ketogenic Diet for Alzheimer’s Prevention and Treatment: Can it help?  By Anne Mullanes, RD

β-hydroxybutyrate deactivates neutrophil NLRP3 inflammasome to relieve gout flares.  Goldberg, E. et al.

Ketogenic Weight Loss: The Lowering of Insulin Levels Is the Sleeping Giant in Patient Care (abstract only) by T. Straverosky

The effects on human beings from substituting a food high in healthy fat (avocado) for high carbohydrate foods:

Summary of the research at IIT is here:

The full article can be found here:

Recommended Websites: is the website run by Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt

He and his team of 40 co-workers bring to the internet the latest science and dietary counsel for those engaged in following a ketogenic eating pattern.

Lisa LaNasa is a T1 diabetic who brings to the public a working knowledge of living with T1 diabetes and the practical everyday knowledge and wisdom of managing T1 well through food first.  She follows Dr. Richard Bernstein’s counsel closely.

Ditch the carbs comes to us from ‘down under’; it’s run by a New Zealander (layperson).  Her down to earth approach to eating keto is very appealing to a lot of our patients.