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The Creviers’ Story

When we first made our home in Chicago, if you didn’t have health insurance, you had a hard time getting healthcare, let alone good healthcare.

We knew we wanted to change that. We wanted to create places in which people could access excellent health care. We moved into a neighborhood in Chicago that raised a few peoples’ eyebrows and Dr. Crevier commuted ‘backwards’ everyday into the suburbs, as he took over a longtime Ingalls physician’s practice.

We started working on improving access to healthcare on the southside. Dr. Crevier told Carol he would ‘do this on his day off’.

It was 1991. Dr. Crevier had just finished his medicine/pediatric residency program, but his typing skills were ‘underdeveloped’. He asked Carol if she would type the grant proposals. We were thrilled when the Chicago Community Trust gave a sizable gift to allow plans for a not for profit Christian health center. Our church agreed to house it within the extra space available.

We welcomed our first child into the world in 1991.
Dr. Crevier’s typing skills were improving.
We really loved the southside of Chicago.

That same year, Christian Community Health Center opened, and Dr. Crevier served as its first executive director. It has since grown to serve Chicago southland in multiple locations.
Dr. Crevier left his position there in order to allow a community leader to replace him.

At the eve of the millennium, a group of people from Ingalls came to Dr. Crevier to ask his advice about a new health center in Harvey. There were now four small Creviers, but Dr. Crevier could type about 50 words per minute.

He became involved as the first executive director of Family Christian Health Center and later served there as a staff physician. He relinquished his position there in 2016 to work full time within The Center for Primary Healthcare.

Our kids are now almost all grown up.
Dr. Crevier now types about 60 words per minute,
And devotes himself completely to the patients at The Center for Primary Healthcare.
He no longer starts new health centers on his ‘day off’.

We still have the same passion.

We want to see people well cared for.

We consider it a blessing to have a private practice setting in which to care for people.
We could not do so without the assistance from every one of our staff members.
Each of them brings the highest work ethic to the care of each patient.
We do not deserve to have such great people working with us. God has been very kind to bring together such a team.

William and Carol Crevier