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About Our Program


FreshWeigh is a medically supervised program designed to improve metabolic health. It consists of a low carbohydrate, ketogenic diet. Ketogenic diets rely upon healthy fat to serve as a primary energy source and to reduce carbohydrate consumption. Benefits of the ketogenic diet include weight loss, improved cognitive function, diabetes reversal, hypertension reversal, and reduction in pain and inflammation. Ketogenic diets have also been very beneficial for patients suffering from migraines, depression, and anxiety.  

We want you to be able to eat well and fully enjoy food while changing your metabolism and becoming an energetic and slimmer individual for life. We help you lose weight without feeling constant hunger. We do not use stimulant medications, fake food, injections, or expensive food to help our patients achieve their goals.

Our program begins with an initial assessment which includes a comprehensive medical evaluation. The program spans twelve months, allowing patients to acquire and maintain new health habits. We provide ongoing instruction and support including coaching. We also use technology to help monitor metabolic progress. We do this in a way that combines both biomedical and non-pharmacologic care. We also assess barriers to success and provide support for our patients between office visits, making ourselves available during the day for a phone consultation. Costs for the program are covered principally by most insurances.

Ketogenic diets should not be attempted without medical supervision with patients who have underlying medical conditions. The diet consists of a high fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate menu, tailored to a patient’s weight loss goals.

The main way we gain weight is through carbohydrate consumption which evokes an insulin response. Insulin is our main fat storage hormone. Consumption of healthy fats, on the other hand, does not generally cause weight gain, as it does not result in insulin response. By reducing carbohydrate consumption and introducing fat as a main dietary source of energy, the body produces molecules called ketone bodies. The extent of ketosis can be measured with a ketone meter and gives an indication of the level of ‘fat burning’.  

What does a keto diet consist of? The ketogenic diet is a diet low in starch and sugar, comprised of good fat and protein. A classic ketogenic diet consists of five to ten percent carbohydrates, twenty-five percent protein, and sixty-five to seventy percent fat. Foods with high starch content such as grains (corn, oats, wheat, rice) are significantly reduced. Protein sources such as meat, fish, eggs, and certain vegetables, together with good fat sources such as whole fat dairy, nuts, seeds, avocados, and certain oils are a major source of calories.  The specifics of this diet and appropriate tools needed to manage this diet are provided through the FreshWeigh program.